Application of computer modeling in the evaluation of naturally occurring anticancer compounds: A Step towards Drug Discovery from Bangladeshi Medicinal Plants

Name(s) and designation(s) of the Project Leader & Research associates

  • M. Zahid Hosen, Scientific Officer (Project leader)
  • Mahmuda Khatun, Chief Scientific Officer (Associate)
  • Rasheda Akter, Senior Scientific Officer (Associate)

Research Assistant in this project (July 2016- June 2018):

  • Raju Dash
  • Md. Junaid
  • Muhammad Shaiful Alam
  • Maruf Rubayed


Key objectives of the project and outcomes:

  • Development of First computational Laboratory at BCSIR Laboratory Chittagong.
  • Development of some virtual Methods (Docking, Molecular Dynamics Simulation etc.)
  • Development of Virtual Data base of medicinal metabolites having anti cancer activities
  • Development of methods for screening of plants metabolites for ADME/T, SOM and drug likeliness test.